Let's make open-source great again.

Essential Metrics

Open-source projects have specific KPI's to ensure that you are moving in the right direction, we've got you covered!

  • How big and active are your community?
  • What are your growth rates?
  • What is your contribution funnel: how may pull requests come from the community, and how much time it takes to get it merged or closed?
  • What is your average time to respond?
  • How many active forks do you have?

Activity reports

  • Who are your most active contributors and where do they work?
  • Get daily or weekly summaries of your contribution activity
  • See activity made only by your community or organization

User timelines

You should know who are your users, and what are their demands. Using timelines allows you see all user PR's, issues and comments inside consolidated view. Think of it as automatic CRM.

  • See history of all users interactions
  • Works with single repository or combined timeline view across multiple repositories
  • Get better understatement of user activity patterns
  • See performance of your organization members

Lead research

Go beyond user logins, know who the person are. Where he works, his contacts, biography and social accounts.

  • We use multiple sources to aggregate the most accurate information about the person
  • Activity reports based on companies whose employees made interactions with your repositories.
  • Get notified about the influencers
  • Aggregated timeline for all the employees working in prospected company

Export data and build own dashboards

  • Download all the reports using CSV
  • Direct SQL access for integrating our reports into your analytics

Enterprise package

Repositories with less than 500 stars are free

Pricing scheme that works for large organizations with hundreds of repositories

Organization-wide reports

See the bigger picture of whole organization

Custom user roles

When you have a lot of people it's important to configure user access. We've got you covered

30% discount for HR package


Launch guidance program

We will provide QA session and ensure that you get maximum of our product

Priority support

Guaranteed response time in 24 hours

HR package

Millions of active open-source developers at your hands.

Search within your community or across whole Github

Candidates who have REAL experience with technologies and languages you specified

See all user contributions grouped by languages and projects

Filter by experience, location and more

Know if user experience in given area is fresh and deep enough

See detailed user information including current job and education

With our premium data sources, we ensure that every person have as much details as possible, to significantly simplify your research